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My name is Dalibor Antić, I was born on 14th August 1975, in Smederevo, Republic of Serbia. My biggest love since childhood were dogs and cinology.

Since 1988, I started to visit and compete on dog shows. With great success I was breeding and showing several different breeds like Sarplaninac, Bull Terrier, Finland Bouvier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Cane Corso and Rottweiler.

I am owner of big number of World and European International and National champions in different breeds.

In 1993 Sarplaninac bred and owned by me became R.BIS(Reserve Best in show) on European dog show held in Budapest, Hungary, wich is biggest success of Serbian cinology up to date. I was also owner of two American Staffordshire terriers wich became Junior World Champion and Reserve World Champion(Crusader Iron Squad and Galaxy Long Step).

I am also licensed FCI judge for all dogs from I , II, III, V, VIII and IX FCI groups. As a judge I was invited and I had pleasure to judge all over the globe on many prestigious shows in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia, Tunisia, Germany, Thailand, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Indonesia and many more...


I was born 1976 in Salzburg in Austria, but I am living at the moment in Vranje, in southern Serbia.
My love for dogs has been there from the early childhood, and I got my first dog with a pedegree 1995, a rotweiler female. Already the next year I started participating in dog shows. In 2004 I have started breeding German boxers and the following year I have registered a kennel at the International Kennel Federation - FCI , under the name “del Ponte Bianco”, reg.No.4431. My kennel has produced a large number of dogs which have aquired the highest awards both nationally and internationally. Apart from german boxers I have at the moment also a Cane Corso and Yorkshire terrier. During a number of years I have been an expert contributor to the magazine “My dog” and wrote many articals on German boxers. I am also the president of the Kinological Club “Svrca” in Vranje since 2010. I have also been chairman of the organizational committees of all international CACIB competitions in Vranje and special exhibitions for German boxers "South Cup".. I am expanding my interest in dogs 2011, when I became a dog judge. I am at the moment an international judge for the FCI- groups I, II , III, IV, V, VII, VIII and IX . During my judicial career I judged in our country and in Europe ( Russia, Lithuania, Ireland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and UAE ) on numerous specialized exhibitions, national championships, as well as national and international exhibitions.

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My name is Miodrag Nikic. I was born in 1976. in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia, where I live and work.
From early childhood I was surrounded with different breeds: German Shepard, German Hunting Terrier, Poodle and more.. That great and grand love for dogs was undeclinable and implated by my parents and I'm thankful for that!
In 1995. the very first Franch Bulldog came into my life and that's when this big love for the breed started. Nine beautiful puppies in 1997. was my first litter! Since then I do my best to have healthy and beauty puppies every time on my small Kennel "Off Nimimi House".
In 2003. I became judge, and 2007. FCI judge!
In 2005. I was one of the founder of TOY Club Belgrade, still BORD and Secretary from its foundation!
I jugde I, II, III, V, VI, VIII and IX FCI groups. I have honored to judge in many countries: Finland, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Belarus, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland... In some, more than ones!
I'm so proud on fact that in 2017. I have got Contribution badge from Cinology Club Serbia for work and progress in Cinology!


Владелец питомника «КЭТТИЛАЙН» - Сенашенко Екатерина Васильевна